Happy Patients

Ainslie Head“My adrenal fatigue was improving, I was doing a good job with my diet but my hormones really needed to be balanced out and that’s what we needed to focus on. My husband and family members had noticed that my skin had improved and I had more energy.
Positive, Uplifting, Supportive.
I actually fell pregnant – that’s the biggest one! You obviously helped me to balance my hormones in such a short period of time, improve the acne on my face and neck and I became so fertile I fell pregnant without even trying”
Ainslie Young, Hong Kong.

“I’m just taking a minute to share my wonderful experience with Naturopath Katherine Dale.

I have to admit, I arrived at Katherine’s door as quite a “project” (and have a ways to go yet!) but she was open, nonjudgmental, non-dogmatic (that’s diplomatic for no bullshit – something I absolutely require!), professional, gentle, and I have to say a lot of FUN…

We laughed… A LOT.

I’m feeing better on many levels, and feeling more open to what I can do to feel even better. She really was a wonderful find.

Get in touch with her, you’ll be glad you did.”
Sher Martelle-Climas, Hong Kong.

“Working with Dr. Dale opened up a new door to well-being for me. I had been expecting her to focus mainly on my physical ailments, but she had the insight to approach my health from a spiritual standpoint, which had a profound effect on the wellness of both my mind and body. The remedies she prescribed for me were remarkable; I gained a newfound clarity of vision and my intake with her really marked the start of a new, more open and healthier chapter of my life.”
Kim Sillen, New York City.

“Hi Dr. Katherine.

I’m doing great; thank you!

I certainly feel I have a consistently good level of energy most of the day, which is fantastic.

Not sure what the improvement is down to specifically… It’s perhaps an overall approach to self care which has helped and generally better sleep so thank you for helping put that in place.”
Neil, Hong Kong.

“Dear Dr. Katherine,
Thank you soooooooo much for your caring email.
Baby comes earlier than expected. =P
Let’s work on the health of the baby and my immune system on coming Sat.”
Karen, Hong Kong.

“It’s been two days of cooking so i’m eating a good healthy diet–there’s still a bit of mental resistance but I’ve cooked some very satisfying vegetarian meals, although I have to be careful; as one of my two favorite cooks in the world once reminded me when she went vegan: “french fries are vegan.” My sleep schedule is adjusting, so had time for smoothies the last two days.”
Mark Jivamukti, New York.

“Thank you so much for all your help, both with my skin and helping me open doors to a place where I can do what I am passionate about.”
Jenny, Hong Kong.

Here is my best recommendation, Dr. Kate, this comes from a woman who has healed much thanks to this woman.
Kit, New York.

“My leg cramps somehow seem ok. And I am getting better sleep too.”
Vidya, Hong Kong.

“Dr. Kate is the friend who helped me with surgery prep and post. She is very knowledgeable and a sweet beautiful soul.”
Andrea, New York.

“Thank you so much for listening so carefully today. I feel better just having talked with someone and knowing that I’m now in touch with an approach that is familiar and feels healing. Again, thank you, and I look forward to continuing to work with you.”
Myra, Hong Kong.

“It was very nice to meet you again on Friday and thank you for all your advices. I have bought all the product which you recommend me to take, I believe it will have some improvement for my health very soon.”
Jennifer, Hong Kong.

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