Naturally Healthy Hormones

Naturally Healthy Hormones During Pregnancy

Naturally Healthy Hormones

Naturally Healthy Hormones send messages around our bodies affecting: growth, development, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, and emotions.

The mystery and magical process of pregnancy is capable of turning us into unpredictable creatures!

Your hormones can take A TONNE of the blame… or their imbalanced nature.

Physiological Changes

Irregular hormones can cause many physiological changes. When you notice changes you can consult your Naturopath for some advice.

Here are a few changes you might observe that would indicate a possible imbalance:

  • increased bladder sensitivity,
  • persistent fatigue
  • the appearance of a Linea Alba
  • breast soreness and sensitivity
  • skin breakouts, and
  • emotional fluctuations
Why would you want to feel so desperate during this beautiful time of your own and your baby’s development?

Natural Hormones Methods

Natural methods will be unharmful and in fact beneficial to your growing baby.

Here are some natural ways to keep these hormones under check:

With a healthy happy mamma, comes a happy healthy babe!

Reach for Healthy Fats

Eating a healthy diet is key to a healthy and symptom-free pregnancy. We need to avoid ingesting toxins and allow our bodies to process any toxins gently and naturally.

For producing and balancing Naturally Healthy Hormones we need to avoid eating saturated fats found in hydrogenated oils:

vegetable, soybean, margarine and any “hydrogenated” fats

These oils have been structurally modified in order to remain stable at room temperature. This alteration in structure makes the fat difficult to process and digest. Rather than adding to your nutrition, these fats can create toxins and stress for your system.

Instead, you should reach for healthy oils such as:

coconut oil,
real butter,
unheated olive oil, and
animal fats from healthy sources including high Omega-3 fish.


Herbal support can be found in many different herbs. Consult with your Naturopath for ways to ensure you have Naturally Health Hormones using some simple herbal preparations during pregnancy.

These herbs cannot be used by all women, and there are certain times during pregnancy that these should be avoided. So be sure to consult with a professional.

Some herbs that aids in maintaining naturally healthy hormones in balance include:
red raspberry, red clover and nettle.


While pregnant, It is important to allow your body to naturally rid itself of toxins. However, pregnancy is a not a time for a full detox!

As pregnancy is a sensitive period, you do not need an extreme cleansing. Any extreme cleansing will affect the growing baby inside of you. It is best to keep your detox slow and gentle.

You can do this by:

drinking lots of water,
adding lemon juice to warm water for a simple tea,
bathing in mineral salts, and
drinking dilute detoxifying herbs.


While this may not be so familiar to you; this an ancient method for naturally healthy hormones. This method is as old as human life!

By controlling the amount of light in the room where we sleep we can regulate the release of melatonin. Melatonin is closely linked with our hormone cycle.

It has been proven that the level of lighting greatly affects our hormonal release. To learn more about lunaception you can read more here Lunaception check out this video below:

Hormone-Positive Foods

A well-balanced diet can help boost positive hormones as well as help maintain hormonal balance. There are even more specific foods that offer Naturally Healthy Hormones.

Avoid eating foods that contain high levels of added hormones: non-organic meats and dairy products are often high in hormones. Look for hormone-free and organic animal products to reduce exposure to hormones in foods.

To reduce or increase the production of certain hormones in our body for instance certain foods can be used.

When there is a low level of progesterone, for example, certain can foods can greatly increase the production of progesterone. Progesterone is a vital hormone during pregnancy.

You can allow for Naturally Healthy Hormones and increased progesterone with foods containing:

B vitamins
Vitamin C
Zinc, and
Vitamin E

You can read more about specific foods for increasing Progesterone HERE


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