Benefits of Hydrotherapy

With time your body can develop blockages and become toxic. Hydrotherapy will unblock and awaken your bodily systems by encouraging a rejuvenating pumping of nutrients, vitamins and oxygen throughout your body to your organs, limbs, skin, right through to your fingertips and to your toes!

improves circulation & energy

reduce aches and pains

boosts immunity & vitality

Hydrotherapy can help you by:

  • Improving your sleep – don’t be surprised after your Hydrotherapy session if you experience a better, deeper, more nourishing sleep
  • Feeling more energised – clients often report that after their session their energy levels increase for the rest of the day
  • Clearing your mind – the detoxification component of Hydrotherapy will help clear your mind and provide you with sharper focus and you’ll experience less stress and overwhelm.

What does hydrotherapy with Dr.K look like?

Allow yourself to be nurtured and cocooned by a cozy blanket wrapped around your body. As you lay safe and warm you will experience the healing application of alternating hot and cool compresses. As your body warms the cool compress to body temperature your body will pump vital energy through your system.

During your Hydrotherapy session I can also incorporate energy therapy into your treatment, which involves clearing your chakras and moving your cranio-sacral energy. This helps to get your energy flowing freely through your body.

After the treatment you will be energized; have improved sleep; feel less pain and experience a greater sense of calm.

About Hydrotherapy

At it’s most basic, Hydrotherapy is the application of water for healing. By alternating the water temperature between warm & cool we can alter the body flow of: lymph, blood and circulation. Flow allows the entire body to receive nutrients and vitality.

How does Hydrotherapy compliment the Fertility and Naturopathy services you provide?

As mentioned, Hydrotherapy helps to detoxify your body which is vital for a woman or man preparing for conception and pregnancy. Hydrotherapy supports the detoxification process as your body will pump out the old blood and lymph from the extremities and allows new essence to circulate through your major organs, reproductive organs and circulatory system.

By including Hydrotherapy into your care plan you will become more resilient to illness and stress and more receptive to healing methods including reacting more effectively to the medicines, foods and supplements that we use as a part of your treatment.

Hydrotherapy Packages Available

Packages available have been created for the sole purpose of optimising your health and preparing your body for getting pregnant.

One Visit
1300 $HKD / $USD 169
Cost per session
Soothing application of hot and cold water to the back and chest
stimulating the immune system
removing old obstacles to cure
circulating the energy and nutrients throughout the body
Seven Visits
8000 $HKD / $USD 1040
Cost per bundle
Thirteen Visits
15000 $HKD / $USD 1950
Cost per bundle

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