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Over the years you’ve invested so much time and energy into being the best version of yourself. You’ve worked hard to build your career; you’ve devoted time to your spirituality and your personal growth. You’ve also shown your diligence and dedication to your body by always nourishing it through clean food and exercise.

But now that you’re ready to have a baby you’re finding it difficult. It’s just not happening. You desperately want to create a family of your own but you wonder if you’ll be able to get pregnant. The possibility that you may be one of those unfortunate women who can’t have children and be labeled ‘barren’ is soul-destroying.

Your sex life has turned into a baby-making operation and your relationship with your partner has become strained. The phrase ‘It’s not fair’ often creeps into your mind and you have this lingering doubt that your body is letting you down. You’re a woman, you should be able to create a new life right? You’re starting to wonder if all this physical, emotional and financial stress is really worth it and just who can you trust in terms of all the health care professionals offering up advice?

Don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone.

Fertility Services

I understand that infertility is a very sensitive and personal subject. What makes this subject even more difficult to get your head around is that the causes of infertility are often difficult to discover, as each female is different and we must consider many body systems.
The Naturopathic principles and holistic guidance that I use as a part of my fertility treatment help to optimize the health of your body with herbs, nutrition and supplementation, so you can conceive naturally.


Learn how my customized fertility plan can help you get pregnant naturally.

eliminate toxins

clarify your focus

engage your spirit

The 3 Month Get Pregnant Plan

Learn how this kickstarter plan is helping women to get pregnant:

using cleansing recipes and dietary plans prepare your body for pregnancy
start a special diet that will be required during pregnancy
take the supplements your body needs
complete a nutritional evaluation to establish your strengths and weaknesses
allow your mind to let go of the past losses
clear what is holding you back
learning to let go and let happen
communication and support is vital for a couple to avoid guilt or resentment
engage the strongest part of your being, your mind, to be your guide
follow your own truth to find the path to creativity and fertility
learn about how your spirit can welcome new life
empower your mind, body and life with your inspiration

For the modern woman, the decision to get pregnant can itself be a difficult decision. Adding the stress of delayed pregnancy can add further complications. It is vital that the mental and emotional issues related to infertility be broached early on in the treatment.Dr. Katherine Dale

Fertility Packages Available

Package 1: Dip Your Toes
150 $USD / $HKD 1200
One consultation – Skype/In Person
Health Assessment Questionnaire
Initial Nutritional Analysis
Suggested Supplements Plan
Package 2: Conception Preparation
829 $USD / $HKD 6399
Initial Consult w/ Four Follow-up Consultations
(three in-person/two online)
Comprehensive Health Questionnaire
Complete Nutritional Analysis
Personalized Diet Plan
Charting Lesson & Evaluation
One-Month Supplements Supply
Artisanal-Developed Herbal Tincture
Package 3: Conception & Beyond
3500 $USD / $HKD 27399
Six-Month Intensive
- Initial Intake & Health Assessment (50min)
8 follow-up visits (plus one)
Weekly SMS contact
Monthly supply of supplements & tincture (three months)
Supplement Modifications
Salivary Hormone Testing
Artisanal Tinctures
Tools for Pregnancy and Delivery
Consult with dad
Assistance with Newborn

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