Self Care Event

LEARN TO LOVE YOUR INNERSELFSELF CARE EVENT with KATHERINE DALE05Th FEBRUAry, 201802:00 – 03:00 PMLOCAtION MELOMIST SPA BOOK TODAY ​I know that you love taking care of the people around you.But, to be your best self you need to care for someone very special first!And that special person is YOU!In honor of Valentine’s Day let us give ourselves some much deserved love.Have a glass of bubbly and some lovely chocolate strawberries!Share with your friends and give yourself the gifts you deserve. Come along for a lovely spa pedicure with the ladies and learn all about how to care for your inner … Read More

Full Moon Detox

FULL MOON DETOX with KATHERINE DALE31ST January, 201807:00 – 08:30 PMCO-Host MIND BODY SOUL ASIA RSVP on Facebook Our bodies need to Detox and Release.Our stressful urban lifestyle: busy careers, eating out and socializing puts our bodies into fast forward.​Cleansing allows us to slow down and let go. When we Cleanse, we step back and take a break.In order to cleanse we need to be sure that our bodies are detoxing properly (gut, lungs, kidneys) and also our minds.How do we Cleanse Our Minds?Come learn about how you can Detox with the Full Moon!This detox event will include healthy Ginger … Read More

Detox Panel of Experts with the Full Moon

Detox Panel of Expertswith the Full Moon with KATHERINE DALE24th January, 201807:00 – 08:30 PMLOCATION: Mezcalito BUY TICKET Here we are again, talking about detox at the beginning of January… Bored?Shouldn’t be. It’s not your usual Detox story.Keep reading.First of all, the location: Not typical for a Detox Chat.Your Detox talk will be in a beautiful energetic bar! Yep. Mezcalito in LKF.Detox shouldn’t be all about no and don’t.Detox can and should be about healthy and energising choices.Feel like a drink?NO problem! All guests will be served a healthy, energising and detoxifying ginger Mocktail.Feel like a snack?No problem at all, … Read More

New Year’s Intention Setting

NEW YEAR’S INTENTION SETTING with KATHERINE DALE17th January, 201807:00 – 08:30 PMHosted WITH MONKEY BUSINESS RSVP on Facebook BUY TICKET Want your New Year’s Resolutions to succeed? Get the power of a new moon on board!It’s the time of the year when we think about our New Year’s Resolutions… about those which were a success and those five pounds, which in the best Traditions of Bridget Jones, stayed with us even as the year is wrapping up. Have you ever considered, giving your New Year’s Resolution List a bit of back up? Have you thought of inviting the Moon as an ally … Read More

All About The Moon

ALL ABOUT THE MOON with KATHERINE DALE10th January, 201807:00 – 08:30 PMHosted by Mind Body Soul Asia RSVP on Facebook We often hear about the “New Moon” and “Full Moon” but what do they really mean? In this workshop, Dr. Katherine Dale (aka “Lunamama”) will be sharing the significance behind the moon cycles and how each phase of the moon affects us. ​She will also share her knowledge on: Moon Time Management – Imagine you knew the best times for organizing your BEST life.Connect with Lunar Energy to increase Productivity in 2018!Find a New Way to Organize and Empower your Life … Read More

Want to Avoid the Holiday Nightmare?

Avoid Holiday Nightmare

You are scrambling to get the presents wrapped, it’s the night before Christmas. You’ve invited your friends for a Christmas party, but the washrooms still need to be cleaned. The oven is broken so it means that your famous Sweet Potato Bake will have to be microwaved this year. You meant to get your hair done, but the kids had a party to go to so you baked cookies instead. You bought presents for everyone else, but forgot to get anything for yourself. On top of it all, you are worried that everyone will hate their presents and be disappointed … Read More

Action Activation Process

Action Activation Process

The Full Moon last week was the Hunter Moon. A moon inspiring us to prepare for our communities and stockpile for the winter months. In honour of the Action-Focused Energy of the Hunter Moon I have developed an Action Activating Process. During this time leading up to the New Moon, the Waning Gibbous Quarter Moon, is the ideal time for Taking Action. You are welcomed to tune-in with your ACTION ACTIVATION PROCESS: Your AAP will be available at The Garden Gathering in Hong Kong surrounded by the energy of the beautiful Sai Yuen Farm, Cheng Chau Island during the weekend … Read More