Action Activation Process

Action Activation Process

The Full Moon last week was the Hunter Moon. A moon inspiring us to prepare for our communities and stockpile for the winter months. In honour of the Action-Focused Energy of the Hunter Moon I have developed an Action Activating Process. During this time leading up to the New Moon, the Waning Gibbous Quarter Moon, is the ideal time for Taking Action. You are welcomed to tune-in with your ACTION ACTIVATION PROCESS: Your AAP will be available at The Garden Gathering in Hong Kong surrounded by the energy of the beautiful Sai Yuen Farm, Cheng Chau Island during the weekend … Read More

How I Overcame My Fear of Pregnancy

How I overcame my fear of pregnancy

I overcame pregnancy fear with an experience that was both painful and difficult. I remember the first time I heard about miscarriage and I actually thought to myself, “What is the big deal about miscarriage?” A woman whom I was working with at a non-profit in Kitchener had missed a meeting and our colleague told me, “She had a miscarriage.” As if I should understand. But, I didn’t. I was 19-years old and was trying desperately to avoid pregnancy at that point. In fact I was terrified of having a baby: 1.Children Were Not A Part of My Community One … Read More

Baby Blessing Way Best Things

baby blessing way

My baby blessing way was on of the best things I did for my second pregnacy. With Baby #1 my best friend Lynda hosted a baby shower and Baby #1 also had a shower with my classmates from Naturopathic College. We had a potluck dinner at Paulina’s house. Great food and sweet, sweet gifts. Just before my son was born I decided to host a Blessing Way in my home in Bay Ridge. I invited my closest friends from mom and baby Playgroups. (So much fun those days, fun and stressful – 40 screaming kids in the basement of the … Read More

Graceful Transitions with Ease and Confidence

Graceful Transitions

Ahh… Graceful Transitions We all love the feeling of a transition AFTER they are complete, however, the anticipation of change can be terrifying and well frankly, debilitating. Is it possible that you could experience graceful transitions in your life? Here in Hong Kong we have been repeatedly exposed to the Monsoon Prodrome over the past few weeks. Just before the storm, the sky goes dark, the air gets thick and the pressure is unbearable. As the doctors for many HSE women; I know that many really feel the pressure as headaches and unrest! This unrest and debilitation – the feeling … Read More

Best Pregnancy Healthcare Providers in Hong Kong

Best Pregnancy Healthcare in Hong Kong

The Best Pregnancy Healthcare providers in Hong Kong can provide you with both professional and personalized care. This care is important not only for you but also for your very sweet life growing inside of you. Choosing the right and most professional people is tough.

Naturally Healthy Hormones

Naturally Healthy Hormones During Pregnancy

Naturally Healthy Hormones send messages around our bodies affecting: growth, development, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, and emotions.

Advanced Self Awareness Tips and Being Authentic

Self Awareness Tips give us insight into taking time to care for ourselves. Self Care is such a gift. You are probably thinking that I mean a gift for YOU! However, I mean, that this is a gift to all those around you. Being kind to yourself is the first step to being able to offer kindness and service to others. When you have self awareness tips you are able to forgive yourself, to be patient with yourself and to care for your body and mind… then and only then… will you be able to care for others. I invite … Read More

Naturopathic Wellness Steps

Like the child learning to tie her shoes. Or the teenager learning to regulate her choices. These habits can be learned. We can learn to take charge of our well-being No matter how we feel our health is “relative” to the health of others. We can believe and feel that we are well. My own mother was diagnosed with cancer over five years ago. She has always been a “Pollyanna” – an ruthlessly optimistic character from a 1960s Disney movie and book by author Porter. My mom sees the good in everything around her and maintains a positive attitude towards … Read More

Creative Fertile Being

Growing Creative Fertile Being

Fertile Creative Beings Wanna know something about you?! You are NOT infertile. Yes, it is true! You are a FERTILE being. FERTILE BEINGS For many years I have fought against these expressions. INFERTILE. Unproductive. Barren. Let’s be clear about this here. I love to work with women who are struggling with creating the life within them that they so desire. I love helping women accomplish their dream of becoming pregnant. However, I would never call my patients, infertile.

Menstrual Health is Central to Wellness

fertility care now

Maybe you haven’t even started trying get pregnant, maybe you haven’t even found the right partner to start trying to get pregnant with. But, your FERTILE body needs to be cared for and nurtured NOW. I am a FERTILITY doctor. And I want to work with you on regulating your menstrual cycle now. Before it is too late.