Advanced Self Awareness Tips and Being Authentic

Self Awareness Tips give us insight into taking time to care for ourselves. Self Care is such a gift.

You are probably thinking that I mean a gift for YOU!

However, I mean, that this is a gift to all those around you.

Self Awareness Tips Help You Care for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Being kind to yourself is the first step to being able to offer kindness and service to others. When you have self awareness tips you are able to forgive yourself, to be patient with yourself and to care for your body and mind…

then and only then…

will you be able to care for others.

Reset and Re-love Yourself

I invite you to make a commitment to caring for your body and your mind.

Be Present and Authentic

Have you been distracted from the present moment? Or are you dwelling on past failures and mistakes? These are all distractions from allowing yourself to be who YOU really are.

When we can be present, we are aware of everything around us. We are not lost. We can connect all parts of ourselves to be our authentic selves.

This is how we feel when we are home.

Yet, allow this world to be your home – the trees, the sky the waters. Allow yourself to see the beauty in the present moment.

Holidays and Summer Break Slow Downs

Be sure to take time to appreciate the slower days of summer.

Many people are taking the opportunity to retreat and relax during the warmer months. This is a beautiful opportunity for reconnecting our mind and body.

So much of our lives are spent in the future – planning what is next; anticipating and analyzing our next steps.

Or we are dwelling in the past looking at what we did not achieve, or what we failed to achieve.

Do You Feel that You Are:

a. Running towards the future, or
b. Getting lost in the past?

Why not join the present moment…


We are at the halfway Point to the Completion of the Fire Rooster Year.

Have you been caring for yourself: your mind and body this year? Have you been allowing the Fire Rooster to manifest a Transformation in your Life?

As we are in the middle of our summer break in the Northern Hemisphere we are taking a look at what the remainder of the year will contain for us. August 1st is the Feast of Lammas, marking the celebration of the halfway point between Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox.

We have a powerful opportunity to let go what has been holding us to the past – keeping us…


Each moment we can be present in our body and with our minds we are embracing life.

This is life, right now.

I invite you to set your intention on August 1st to live in the now.

Take a breath and see…


Realize Your Senses – meditation

Take a moment to breathe;

We breathe into our bodies, knowing that this is the in breath.
We exhale from our lungs, being aware that this is our body breathing out.


Take time now to look outside at the sky. Right now. Stop reading. Look around you or out your window:

Find a piece of sky, a tree or a body of water to gaze upon. Use your eyes, nose, ears and all your senses to experience the beauty.

Appreciate the natural beauty. Here it is, Paradise all around you.

That is all it takes to become…


Breathe in to your senses (each of your: eyes, ears, nose, hands, mouth, etc.) and breath out happiness to all your each of your senses.

Your body brings you happiness. Your senses connect your body and your mind. Your awareness allows you to be happy and to live in Paradise on Earth.

So, take a break.

Allow yourself the space and time to create opportunities for gratitude.

Look at how often you are in the PRESENT moment; how often are you appreciating the beauty of the world around you?

Holidays are for that exact purpose: being present; being authentic; appreciating the moment; and finding paradise on earth.

I invite you to take time to allow for reconnection and awareness.

Future Events

Monday, August 21 @ Pause Central in Hong Kong; 7.30pm

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You will focus your New Moon Intentions on the Fire Rooster intentions for the remainder of your year. What can still be transformed?

You will evaluate what you are still dreaming of manifesting in your existence. In your piece of Paradise.

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