Action Activation Process

Action Activation Process

The Full Moon last week was the Hunter Moon. A moon inspiring us to prepare for our communities and stockpile for the winter months.

In honour of the Action-Focused Energy of the Hunter Moon I have developed an Action Activating Process.

What steps are you taking to stockpile for the future?
What steps do you need to take in order to wind down the year of 2017?

During this time leading up to the New Moon, the Waning Gibbous Quarter Moon, is the ideal time for Taking Action.

You are welcomed to tune-in with your ACTION ACTIVATION PROCESS:

  • access your intuitive self;
  • seek the guidance of the herbs; and
  • benefit from the energy of homeopathic remedies.

Your AAP will be available at The Garden Gathering in Hong Kong surrounded by the energy of the beautiful Sai Yuen Farm, Cheng Chau Island during the weekend of October 13th-15th.

You are Welcomed to Tune-in by Using Your Action Activating Process

During this time leading up to the New Moon, the last quarter Moon (waning gibbous moon) is the ideal time for Taking Action.

Come to the Healing Center to work together on a 20 minute Moon Invocation. We will tap into your Intuitive Mind to seek the best Next Actions for moving forwards with your intentions for this past month.

Your Action Guide,
Dr. Kate

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