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Dealing with health challenges can be like a rollercoaster ride. You’re constantly feeling the ups and downs of anxiety, frustration, excitement, helplessness and disappointment. As a certified Naturopathic Doctor I’m here to support you and ensure you feel nurtured, empowered and understood on this transformative journey to health. When you work with me, I’ll create a unique treatment plan by combining supplements, mindfulness methods and foods to maximize your health.

my personal story

My enthusiasm for cooking and eating all things healthy was inspired by my ‘Pre-Vitamix’ Grandma Jess – who had all her grandkids on a daily regime of fish oil and garlic pills.

My desire to focus on women’s hormones as a part of my Naturopathy practice was fueled by my own fertility challenges and a strong desire to create a family of my own.

Rather ironically, my miscarriage occurred during ND College which ultimately changed my focus in school as well as at home. I started to apply my naturopathic skills and knowledge to my own body and followed my ovulation cycle more closely.

I used specific herbs and vitamins to improve my fertility and was conscious of creating a super healthy body by being more mindful of the food I was consuming. In addition, I experimented with burning incense and regularly practiced meditation to open my mind and heart to a new life entering my world.

Challenge is no stranger to my now family of four. As Urban Nomads we have moved between four cities; four countries; on three different continents over the past 16 years.

Although I have travelled the world, and currently reside in the dynamic city of Hong Kong, my favorite place is lakeside at the cottage.


Through my work as a Naturopathic Doctor I’ve always had a deep interest and passion for women’s fertility. I’ve supported hundreds of women who are searching for answers and solutions to their health challenges. The work I do around female hormones truly lights me up and you could even say it’s my ‘Zone of Genius!’

I understand what it’s like to desperately want to create something beautiful in the world. When we focus so much on fertility it is painful and stressful. We become stigmatized and feel like our bodies are failing us. After my miscarriage I felt alone and was overcome with this significant desire and urge to reproduce.

Yet we are so much more! We are creators, manifestors and nourishers.

My background

As a qualified Naturopath, passionate ‘whole-food foodie’ and mother of two my purpose is to help women regulate hormones naturally. Through the powerful combination of naturopathy and hydrotherapy, Dr Kate is on a mission to show women how to get their creative juices flowing, increase their energy and libido and gain a new appetite for life. (Yes, it is possible!).

My first degree is in Environmental Resources, University of Waterloo. My Doctorate in Naturopathy is from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Toronto, Canada. I am Board Certified by NABNE and member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Your unique and supportive treatment plan
will include nutrition, body respect, emotional clearing, and customized natural remedies.

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